about us

"Throughout my life, beauty has been an integral part of my world. The daughter of an accomplished artist, I have early memories and fond recollections of my mom creating beauty at her easel. While we children played in our cozy home or on the beach, my mother painted.

An adult now, I remember how she magically transformed a plain white canvas into a work of art, rich with hues and deep with emotion. She also awakened in me a sense that every corner of one's home could be both functional and beautiful. My mother modeled for me and instilled in me a deep appreciation of depth of color and richness of texture, such are the qualities of enduring beauty.

 I grew  to understand that timeless beauty cannot be bought. It is created by building on the intrinsic beauty waiting to be enriched or enhanced. For much of my adult life, I found and developed my artistic expression in creative designs and arrangements of flowers that we grew in our nursery. I learned that a humble bouquet of wild flowers whimsically collected could become a floral "masterpiece". I also grew to believe that an old wood table could be restored to its original magnificence and other furniture in our family for generations could be refreshed with the right paint. And love.

Artifacts and Company has followed the tradition of respect for beauty in my choice of vintage furniture, rustic furnishings, plants and flowers for my shop. Most of my clients are longtime residents of the Long Beach Island community with whom I have nurtured a mutually trusting relationship. I look forward to building more relationships with customers especially through our new Annie Sloan workshops where we can continue together to spread beauty & creativity throughout our homes.


Owner & Curator of
Artifacts and Company